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Welding - Stetra Studio - Transformers & Reactors

Stetra Studio
via Crusinallo, 3
28881 Casale Corte Cerro
+393518827361 (mob1)
+393283259362 (mob2)
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We were awarded the diploma of EWE (European Welding Engineer) and IWE (International Welding Engineer) at Welding  Italian  School of Genova (IIS – for more information see
In this branch we propose the following activities:

contract review: reading and well understanding welding specifications and rules, in order to satisfy your customer specifications

design review: analysis of skills of the firm to comply the contract, specifications and rules

calculation and design of joints and welds

Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)

Welding Wellness and Security management

Materials and equipment evaluation in order to reach the best result

Control and Testing management

 Documentation for approval testing of Welders and Joints

Courses for firms or singles

We can study, develope and provide for welding quality systems for firms complied EN 729 (general purposes) or DIN 6700 (railway application)

Stetra Studio p.iva/CF 01986200036
Electric Design, Welding Consulting & more...
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