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Power Plants

The Electrical Engineering concerns also power plants. We are able to suggest good solutions in this branch

On the other hand we have multiannual experience in shielding electromagnetic fields with very high value of magnetic field density (e.g. big inductors for railway vehicle and very low limits to exposure for passengers)

We can use the same methods for the low intensity fields in power plants or civilian buildings

Examples of Finite Elements Studies for Transformers and Reactors
The studies concern for example:

- electromagnetic features for equipments and interference with the ambient

- core and winding losses calculation for nominal current and harmonics

- the L (inductance) values for different frequencies (spectrum of frequencies)

- calculation of strength for the windings due to short circuit currents

- shielding of the flux

- induced currents into other equipments or steel assemblies
Limiting the electromagnetic field in a two set of a three phase system cable rank
Limiting the electromagnetic field in a 6 cable rank
Limiting the electromagnetic field in a 6 cable rank
The limiting of the magnetic field is possible to change the position of the cables by very easy way
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